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Totally Abba

Totally Abba pays tribute to one of the biggest and most successful pop groups of all time. Topping the charts world wide from 1974 till 1982 this particular group is popular even today. Of course we are talking about the one and only ABBA. We would like to invite you on a trip down memory lane to celebrate Abba’s greatest hits including the unforgettable winning song that transformed them into Eurovision legends. Totally Abba are guaranteed to take you back in time, to a time when flared trousers, pet rocks and glitter balls where all the rage. We want to see your feet tapping, arms swaying and re living all those memorable dance moves on the disco floor with Totally Abba’s fantastic tribute show. So, warm up those vocal chords and have a sing song to all those well known Abba classics including Dancing Queen, Mamma Mia, Waterloo, I have a dream, and many more. All jam packed in to one performance, this show includes choreographed dance routines, amazing iconic costumes and harmonising vocals performed by two talented, professional vocalists Natalie (Agnetha) and Babette (Frida). With years of experience in the entertainment industry these two fun loving, lively entertainers will fill your evening or event with fun, laughter and of course plenty of those cheesy disco moves that we all know and love. Sooo, what are you waiting for? Come and join Totally Abba at a venue near you to help pay tribute to this amazing group and thank Abba for their music!

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