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Tank Sherman

In the last few years, Tank has certainly pushed his way upwards and forwards in the comedy business and is one of the well known, well loved and well respected comics in the West Country. Tank has always been a ‘joker’ and sacrificed his academic career for 12 years of honing his ability to make people laugh. Leaving school, he took up a job with a company on a trading estate in Exeter, 3 years later joining BT - Post Office Telecommunications as it was then. In 1980, whilst on a holiday in Weymouth, he entered the adult talent contest as a crazy looking soldier telling jokes and singing - and the Entertainments team told him they were going to announce him as the Sherman Tank as it would be funny. 10 seconds before going on stage, Graham, his real name, suggested they swap the names around - and so TANK SHERMAN was born! Well, he won that contest, went on to the National Semi Finals - and got through to the finals. But Tank got disqualified because the time limit on stage was only 10 minutes. After making the audience roar and clap for over 25 minutes he was told that he was out - but he didn't care. He had made over 600 people laugh ……………. Now to look for the next talent contest! This came 6 months later when a friend entered him in to a Golf Club Talent Contest - AND ….well, he won it! And there were agents in the audience! And one of them started to work him and that’s how his career started. He is now a firm favourite at holiday venues and clubs throughout the country. Tank works on the After Dinner Speaking circuit, supporting a host of stars and sports personalities, at private functions and at theatres. Tank also loves cabaret, corporate, TV work, holiday centres, private clubs etc. and can be seen nationwide bringing his brand of humour to audiences that always shout for more. Tank was seen on ITV in 2000 on the talent show GIVE YOUR MATE A BREAK - which he won!! He has appeared as a guest comic on 5 of Jethro's DVD’s and appeared on SKY TV in his show - TANK SHERMAN, A MAN AND HIS BAT. He also appeared on the series THE NEW VARIETY SHOW which is where he was spotted by talent scouts for a cruise line. That has led to working on the cruises and fly-backs to the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. Television work has included SOCCERNIGHT where he appeared giving his comical view on the South West regions sporting events. Tank headlined at the Babbacombe Theatre for 3 YEARS - 2007—2009! And you should have been at the great Blackpool Showcase KEEPING IT LIVE, where he tore the roof off the Horseshoe Cabaret Bar!!! He has also spent an extremely successful and busy 2011 in the UK and abroad, whilst also headlining in Eastbourne at The Royal Hippodrome Theatre in a fantastic variety show, STRICTLY COMEDY & DANCING. And that is the story so far……. Go on, pick up that phone , book him now for a night that you'll never forget.

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