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Lucy Texeira Beyonce Tribute

Beyoncé, The Irreplaceable Tribute is a high end & professional, self-contained, touring Beyoncé tribute show. Lucy Texeira (27) takes on the role of the Queen B herself. Lucy has been a professional singer & vocal coach for the last ten years. Most famously known as an X Factor finalist in 2011 with girl group 2 Shoes. She has worked and performed all over the UK & internationally, and now Lucy prides herself on bringing the spirit of Beyoncé to life on stage. Captivating the audience with her Dance Moves and outstanding live vocals into a phenomenal performance tightly choreographed and delivered with extreme confidence. Lucy’s outstanding professional reputation and wealth of experience has enabled her to re-enact Beyoncé to an exceptionally high standard, with a fierce performance and incredible attention to detail in Beyoncé’s many amazing costumes. This emulates into a fantastic and professional stage production. Lucy’s stage presence and charming personality shines through the Tribute combine this with her on point vocals and you have a second to none Act for an event. The show is super high energy and fun; a must see for any Beyoncé fan!

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