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Gary Goodmaze Freddie Tribute

Gary Goodmaze is one of Europe’s leading Freddie Mercury tribute acts and is available for hire with Champions Music & Entertainment today. Born and bred in the East End of London, Gary started his career as a stand-up comedian, after learning his trade as a bluecoat and entertainments manager at Pontins. During his time as a comedian, Gary performed on various radio stations and clubs all over the UK. Nevertheless, given his great love of music, it came as no surprise that he decided to change direction with his career. Gary soon worked on his appearance, voice and showmanship to become almost equal – in looks and sound – to the late, great Freddie Mercury, and before long he was on the tribute act circuit. The next few years were spent traveling the country and performing the show and Gary became in high demand as the Queen lead singer. He then formed a band named Queened which gave him the chance to play bigger venues as well as still performing solo, and before long Gary started to take the show overseas which saw him appear in the Middle East, America and Europe. Over the years, Gary has played major venues, hotels and clubs and still loves every minute of his job. All we can say is: The Show Still Goes On with Gary Goodmaze! Gary Goodmaze as Freddie Mercury is one of the best acts you are likely to see and is a truly stunning and exhillarating experience. Playing to the audience is second nature as Gary “becomes” Freddie from the moment he steps onto the stage. The audience love him and he plays the part to perfection. Moving around the stage with incredible agility, “Freddie” displays some amazing dance moves. Made up and slicked down to look like Freddie Mercury, wearing replica clothing, having all the moves off to a “T”, and with a sound as close to the original Freddie as you could imagine, Gary Goodmaze literally rocks!!! To book leading tribute solo artist and Freddie Mercury impersonator Gary Goodmaze for your event, please contact us.

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