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Filthy Gorgeous

Filthy Gorgeous have been established as a professional duo for almost 8 years, they are a very versatile duo covering a wide range of music covering the best songs from across the decades. Micky is a very accomplished lead guitarist with over 30 years experience and plays to a very high standard, Alana the vocalist compliments his playing, and the two work together very well. They play to the crowd, so can play a rock set, a mixed set including ska, rock, reggae, country, blues, pop, with fun and upbeat songs to get everyone up on their feet, or can offer a more mellow vibe depending on the event, although rock is where their hearts lie. Their catalogue ranges from Pink Floyd to Chas and Dave and everything in between, so there really is something for everyone that they can bring to the table. They play at weddings, festivals, pubs, clubs and all kinds of various events.

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