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Alex Stassi Prince Tribute

Dig if U will this tribute. Alex Stassi is a professional musician/vocalist from London, UK with over 20 years of on-stage experience, His love of Prince came at the not so young age of 18, when his friend George, who is also the drummer in his brothers band handed him over a cassette which contained selections of Prince’s first 4 albums. Alex began incorporating songs like Purple Rain & Kiss into his sets and more often than not, people were coming up him and saying how much he sounded and kinda looked like him.. and these comments had resounded for many years. Alex had contemplated on becoming a Prince tribute artist over those years and just felt he was one of those Artists you just don’t do. When Prince passed away in April 2016, Alex felt like a close mate and mentor had died. In September, Starfish loves coffee in Palmers Green (North London) held a Prince Tribute Night with a full band and I Alex performed an impromptu “Piano & A Microphone” set. That night had more or less made his mind up. You had hardcore Prince fans in the place that evening and the reaction was priceless. He had people coming up telling him, again, how much he sounded like him, but hearing these comments from true Prince fans meant a lot. Alex’s tribute to Prince is available in three packages 1: For the casual: 1 x 45 min set Prince Hits and 1 x 45 min Soul, Motown & RnB 2: For the fams : (short for family, Prince called his fans, “fams”) – 1 hour Prince set 3: The Ultimate Prince Experience: For the Harcore: 70 min show incorporating “A Piano & A Microphone” Set (Leading up to his untimely death, Prince began doing a series of piano & a microphone acoustic concerts. So for the hardcore fans I’ve decided to incorporate this into package three. The setlist will feature the more obscure and lesser known hits. This would probably suit more intimate venues) To book Alex Stassi for your event, please contact us.

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