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Theresa Jae

Singing from the age of 16yrs as a backing vocalist, Theresa Jae has worked live with The Philharmonic Orchestra, Sid Owen (EastEnders), Billy Ocean (studio), Gregg Assing (Prod, Keyboardist, Claudia Patrice (singer - was on Cilla Black's Blind Date), Yazz, Bim Shearman (Prod), Derek Fevvier (Prod, Theatre, Musician), Heather Haywood - lead singer of Coolnotes (and current duo act). Most of the reggae field e.g: Marcia Griffith, John Holt, Frankie Paul, Michael Rose etc. Bands: Ruff Cutt Band, Robotics Band, BUBBLERS (Prod, Keyboardist). Maxi Priest, Barrington Levi, Yazz, Aswad, Michael Rose (tour). Theresa has also worked in Rock music, Soca etc. Acts including Spanish and French acts and still singing professionally as an entertainer....a writer, producer, rapper etc. Theresa Jae was a support act for The Four Tops and Tina Turner Tribute in 2018. Theresa has entertained Celebrities and even Royalty!


286 London Rd, Wickford SS12 0JZ, UK



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Theresa Jae